We operate more than 15 buses in and around Coimbatore district. We also provide transport facility for students and staff members coming from far of places –Tirupur, Palladam, Mettupalayam, Sirumugai, Sathyamangalam, Puliyampatti, etc. Prescribed time slot have been used in each route and the same will be intimated to the students well in advance.

Day scholar students are provided with guidance and support to use government bus if needed and processing bonafide certificate to apply bus pass.

In medical emergency, students will be assisted with college ambulance in need.

A separate transport department facilitate the students and ensure a friendly service and safety during the travel.

Transport service is also extended to provide support to all the students and staff members during industrial visits and any other academic related services during working hours.


Transport team

Mr. M. Karthick

Mr. M. Karthick

Transport officer
Mr. S. Karthikeyan

Mr. S. Karthikeyan

Assistant i/c Transport



Usage of college transport is not compulsory and those who opted to use the college transport should abide by the transport rules of the college.

The students who want to use the college transport should fill requisition form and submit to the college at the beginning of the academic year.

Bus pass / Card will be issued to the students who have been permitted to use the college transport and the same will be valid for one academic year only.

The boarding/dropping point should be given clearly in the requisition form.

Once the student applied for college Transport and pays the full payment for one year, bus pass will be issued.

The transport fee is for one year and no pro-rata claim will be entertained for any reasons whatsoever.

Surrendering of bus pass in the middle of the academic year will not be permitted for any reasons except in the case if the student admitted in our college hostel.

The transport fee should be paid in the beginning of the year and the fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

The students should not change the boarding / dropping point, or routes without proper permission and such request will not be entertained during the mid-semester.

All the students traveling in the college bus should carry the bus pass and produce it at any time if demanded by the Driver or the Staff member of the college.

Those traveling in the bus without a bus pass will be fined and if necessary disciplinary action will also be taken.

The students traveling in the college bus should occupy the seats allotted to them and should not create any disturbance to other fellow students and staff.

Strict discipline should be maintained inside the college bus.

All the students / parents are expected to be aware of the transport rules of the college and ignorance of the same will not be an excuse for any dispute / claim.

The transport charges will be notified every year and is subject to change depending on the increase in the cost of fuel and other operating costs.

The students will not be permitted to board or drop at points other than that is specified in their bus pass.

In case of any dispute the decision of the Principal / Management will be the final and binding on the students.

The college can add, alter, amend any of the above rules at any point of time and it will be binding on the students.