Enabling Business circles

students' club

Our SNS BSchool Club Society provides every student with an opportunity to be socially responsible and make their interest or dream to come true via the provided platform of community circles who shares same interest. Multiple students' associations that are relevant to Business and Administrative industries are formed with its own goal and action plan for the benefit to the societies well being and self growth in gaining knowledge and in the aspect of individuals professional arena. The common goal is to exchange the cultural backgrounds, developing friendship, servicing to society and supporting each other.


entrepreneurship club

Enterprise clubs assist understudies with transforming their thoughts and interests into organizations and create future business pioneers, intended to give a one of a kind innovative condition to understudies to improve their business abilities, manufacture a strong business organization, make and run their own new companies, and increment consciousness of developing worldwide financial issues.

Global leadership club

The mission of the Global Leadership Club is to advance a more profound attention to globalization and worldwide issues. To give chances to understudies to investigate worldwide relations through different open doors as a major aspect of their Global Leadership Certificate program. To assist understudies with building a worldwide point of view through a more prominent comprehension of being a pioneer in a world portrayed by expanded globalization.



The fundamental vision of the club is to open the understudies to the most recent headways in PC innovation and give people an open door for sharing and expanding thoughts, perspectives and information in the field of PCs and quick evolving innovation.
  • To support the brains of understudy towards inventiveness and steer their gifts towards top notch research in various regions of Computer Technology.
  • Give application based models with the goal that they can change over hypothetical information in reasonable work.
  • To give a gathering to the open conversation on all issues of public intrigue that incorporates everything identified with PC innovation.
  • To upgrade the expert improvement of our understudies, and systems administration among specialized experts.

private equity and venture club

The Private Equity and Venture Capital Club (PEVCC) means to furnish its individuals with chances to find out about the funding and private value enterprises, to connect with unmistakable industry pioneers, and to encourage associations with individuals from the SNS people group who share comparable interests.


Women in Business

Women in Business (WiB) is a student club which aims to create more opportunities for women to become stronger leaders and future role models.

Social Enterprise Club

The Social Enterprise Club (SEC) arranges addresses, board conversations, tutoring exercises. The club is a section of Net Impact, a global organization of business pioneers focused on utilizing the intensity of business to make a superior world.

Family Business Club

The Family Business Club is a association that points toward teaching and supporting individuals who originate from, or are keen on working with, privately-owned companies. The Family Business Club provides a balanced environment between academics and family business issues.

Consultancy Club

The Consulting Club is a activity that works together with the corporate to bring to the grounds, energizing chances of live tasks, accordingly empowering the students to increase a direct involvement with various types of counseling.

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club is one of the clubs at SNS that mirror students' close to personal and professional interests. The clubs assume a functioning part in the scholarly existence of the school and in helping understudies construct networks in quest for their expert targets.

Finance Club

The Finance & Investments Club progresses in the direction of boosting enthusiasm for Finance on the grounds and furthermore revels that enthusiasm through rivalries, workshops and expert chances.

Eco and Trekking Club

The club has its plan to build up a mindfulness and enthusiasm for the regular habitat among its individuals and the network through gatherings, talks, workshops, study gatherings, field trips. It additionally advances the safeguarding of the earth.

MUN Club

MUN (MODEL UNITED NATIONS) is an instructive reenactment or potentially scholarly rivalry in which students can find out about strategy, worldwide relations, and the United Nations. This being the overall thought of MUN, our school MUN propels the understudies to think about the issues winning all through the world and urging them to examine and discover arrangements in a parliamentary technique.

Yoga Club

Yoga has been drilled in India for quite a long time as a method of liberating the brain, body and soul. This club plans to give direction to Life Management which incorporates alleviation from well-being afflictions, for a calm life and for general wellness.

Literacy Club

Named in our school as SMILE (Space to Meliorate Innate Love for English) instills among understudies an affection for language and improves their scholarly abilities through different rivalries.

Math club

The club gives students a chance to rehearse and build up their Mathematical aptitudes and builds up their certainty along these lines advancing insightful movement in Mathematics.

Music Club

It obliges the melodic enthusiasm of the student body. They partake in both old style and light musical arrangements. The club urges understudies to learn and develop through musical performances.

Fine Arts club

Advances and empowers students who love painting, capturing, planning, and other aesthetic aptitudes to meet up and offer articulation to their contemplation and thoughts.

dance club

It caters to the dance interest of the student body. The club encourages students to learn and grow through their passion towards dancing.

Readers Club
  • To get students together to employee various aspects of language, communication skills and life styles through books, articles, movies and interviews.
  • To create contests to explore students in the above given aspects to kindle their interest in various fields and language skills.
  • To foster the enjoyment of reading, as a recreational activity among students
Photography Club

To promote creativity through photography, to share and critique the photographs of peers, to educate and improve technical skills, and to spread the love of photography throughout the SNS community.

Bikers Club

To advance and empower the energy for biking among students.

fitness Club

A fitness club is a place that houses houses gym equipment with the end goal of physical exercise.

volunteers Club

The Volunteer Club is included principally with:

  • Business Education 
  • Administration Treks to Ghana and India  
  • Working with the Community Action Group (CAG) on School wide occasions