Experiential Learning

Learn, collaborate, innovate and lead

experiential learning

Learn, collaborate, innovate and lead with our universally accepted project based experiential learning curriculum. Get an opportunities to work with external clients and start to learn by doing. Experiential learning exposes the students to the challenges faced in business environment, and working on real world projects helps you to apply the strategic management methodology to solve any critical business issues.

SNS Spine

spine the glue

play with a purpose

  • Bonded with Business Behaviors @ Out Bound Training
  • Bowl a Googly and out-win your trade competitor
  • Swim in the pool of Business Dreams
  • May the Music of your minds with novel ideas ring out loud.
  • Feel the Splendorous SPINE and be energized
  • Let the market tremble since your marketing muscle is strengthened by dumb-bell

beyond classroom



  • To create awareness on Entrepreneurship among students
  • To inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit and culture among the Management graduates
  • To develop entrepreneurship student groups and to motivate them to start up their business.
  • To orient faculty members on the need and importance of entrepreneurial spirit among the students in the campus.
  • To organize internal events like NEN E-Week celebrations, Business plan contest, etc. that infuses the entrepreneurial spirit into the curriculum
  • To conduct interactive sessions with the successful entrepreneurs and create a mentor-ship scheme for student entrepreneurs
  • To invite speakers from Financial and Venture Capital institutions to enlighten on schemes and assistance existing to promote new ventures.
  • To conduct research on entrepreneurship development and publish in the journals and periodicals
  • To conduct Soft skill and Hard skill development program
  • To conduct a program to empower women entrepreneurs
  • To assist aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing new business, through consultancy and business advisory services

Learn, collaborate, innovate and lead


We constantly encourage our young minds to seek out for simple problems around them and try solving it. Our students are well motivated to know that their small contribution, would make a huge difference in the society. That is the kind of innovation culture that we practice in our Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

Business Model Canvas BMC Training

Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a Strategic Management and Lean Startup for creating new business framework or redesigning existing business models to take competitive advantage. BMC is a visual chart of 9 building blocks spanning the domains of the organization’s core segments including Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnerships and Cost Structure.  ​ This business innovation tool when used in collaborative setting with illustrations and potential trade-offs will help one to plan their business in a structured manner. This training will help Students to acquire the knowledge and skills in how to apply Business Model Canvas to develop innovative business models of value creation.

CEO Conclave

A distinctive opportunity to meet leaders from different industries across the globe who could share insights of making innovation, strategy and changing business needs. Attending CEO Conclave helps students to get updates over the present and future challenges in the fast-changing business environment and expectations of diversified stakeholders.

Executives Day Out

Activating Learning through our series of weekly Industry expert talks, where students get an opportunity to meet industry experts and get inspired with the insight of real world needs, collaboration with industry and technological transformations.

Outbound Training

Out Bound Training (OBT) or Outbound Learning is an evidence based effective training method for enhancing an individual to acquire team behaviors and organizational culture and performance through participation in outdoor activities and experiential learning methodology.

sns angel investors

We support our young minds on their journey to become an entrepreneur through SNS angel investors, a wealthy individual who provides funding for a startup. We provide startup space for ideas worth expanding supported by funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. Connection with top trending companies, startups, investments and notable investors are established and linked too.


rub your shoulders with

universal certifications

Industrial certifications on Digital Marketing, Tele-Marketing, Graphic Designing, Website Development and SEO takes our students' professional skills to the next level with certified online courses accessed through our partnered academies.

web designing

Students takes certified course on learning the how to design, responsive, and intuitive websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress, Bootstrap and various advanced web development framework and plugins.

digital/Tele marketing

A certified Digital Marketing course that will transform students into a complete digital marketer with expertise in the top digital marketing themes — search engine optimization, social media branding, Google-Ad words, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content marketing and email marketing.