Student's Life @SNS

A place of light, liberty and learning. Campus life is provided with a vibrant, positive, happy and hopeful atmosphere. Create the best time of your life at SNS!!


Providing a cutting-edge infrastructure in the forms of ICT Enabled Classrooms, Well Equipped Laboratories, Library, Wifi Enabled Campus, Food Court, Cafeteria, Coffe Day, Playgrounds and Play areas equipped with top-quality sports equipment, Executive Lounge, SPINE - The student recreational activity center, Hostel facilities with caring wardens and tight securities, Transportation facilities, tie-ups with renowned Hospitals, owned Clinic and 108 emergency.

Nakshatra garden

An astro-themed garden, variety of trees are planted and linked to zodiac signs. The garden has been designed according to the constellation of group of stars seen to represent a mythical pattern in the sky.

sports area

Sports and Fitness go hand in hand, at SNS. 

Passing the legacy of health to every generation with top quality sports equipment and great coaches.

Fitness Center
Shuttle Complex
Soccer ground
Basketball court
Tennis court
volleyball ground
Play Area
indoor Cricket pitch

Solar power plant

With a team of energy, security, and technology experts, SNS Secure guarantees the safety, digital connectivity, and sustainable power 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year; no matter the circumstances, conditions or events taking place at outside. College is equipped with the generation capacity upto 50% of electricity consumption



 Unlock your SPINE at SNS!

A space for fun and growth. Our activity center plays a pivotal role in all kinds of community activity like sports, gymnasium, gaming & entertainments, Cultural, arts and music in 5 levels with world-class facilities.