Best outgoing
and outstanding awards


We honor our determined outgoing students for their monumental talents with the “Best Outgoing Student” award. The deserving students are motivated for continuing thier good work in different fields and are duly awarded for their accomplishments.

Students Recognized

a Legal tender, a Crown
and Certification

The selection of the student for the award follows some criteria which are as follows:
  • Academic performance of the student
  • Co- curricular activities of the student
  • Extra Curricular activities of the student in various fields
  • Special Achievements in diverse domain Placement record of the student

The applied candidates are subjected to a Written Test to assess the skill sets.


The selected Students are to attend an Interview which determines the student’s interest in and commitment to their subject, and their ability to think critically and independently.

Performance Parameter

The first year students must prove the following skill sets. Presentation Skill, Problem Solving Skill, Communication Skill and Creative Writing Skill. It will be assessed and evaluated by the Assessment Team through Quiz, Seminars, Essay writing, GD and Interview.

Applicant shall prove their performance related to

  • Paper Presentation in National / International Conference*
  • Publication of the articles in reputed National / International Journals*
  • Value Added Courses in their core subjects*
  • Membership and active participation in NSS / NCC / YRC / Sports / Fine Arts / Club activities / COE / AOD, etc., in the institution.*
  • Membership and active participation of any professional bodies like IEEE, ISTE, IOE, Rotary Club, SAE, MUN, etc., *

The applicant initiation is recognized for undertaking any of the courses like BEC, TOEFL, GRE, GATE, CAT, NPTEL, SWAYAM, MOOCs or any latest courses.*

Industry Certified Value Added Courses like CCNA CISCO, Microsoft and Certified Language Courses like Hindi, German, French, Latin etc., are highly encouraged.*

The applicant shall express their potential /skill at any of the fields like Mini Projects, Proposal Submission, Internship, App Development, Patent, Placement, Start Ups, Brand Building Activities, Social Responsibility Initiative and Entrepreneurship, Contests / Competitions etc.,*

The applicant’s progression in the selected fields will be monitored, assessed for the target attainment and recommended for the award of suitable scholarship by the ARP development team each month. The disbursement of fund will be made each month based on the target attained.

Category Name of the Scholarship Who can Apply?
C1 No Parent Scholarship Student with No Parent alive. (Up to 100% Tuition Fee Waiver)
C2 Single Parent Scholarship Student with Single Parent (Mother only) (Up to 50% Tuition Fee Waiver)
C3 Government Employee Toddler Scholarship Children of Government Employee (Up to 50% Tuition Fee Waiver)
C4 SNS Employee Toddler Scholarship Children of SNS Employee (Up to 50% Tuition Fee Waiver)
C5 Deserving Student Scholarship Deserving Student who excel in Curricular, Co–curricular & Extracurricular activities (Up to 100% Tuition Fee Waiver)

*Interview and Scrutiny Process applicable

Note: The affidavit should be executed in a non-judicial stamp paper (RS. 20/-) jointly signed by the applicant and the parent.

The HoDs / Deans are requested to extend their fullest support for the applicant and to the ARP development team. The Faculty Advisor is requested to provide all the data and documents of the applicant to the ARP development team for analyzing and filtering the students on merit basis.The same will be scrutinized and the confirmation list of students will be sent by the ARP development team to the Principal.

For further clarifications, the applicant can contact the ARP/DSS member


SNS Charitable Trust

We encourage our 2nd year and Pre-Final year students with the “All Rounder Award”. The students are encouraged for their commendable work in various fields and are awarded for their accomplishments.

All Round Performer (ARP)

ALL ROUND PERFORMERS (ARP) DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME for developing the students on multi–faceted areas like Academics, Co–curricular, Extracurricular and their passion to become All Round Performers. This scheme will support the students from 50% to 100% Tuition Fee Waiver and to decide their career path clearly by grooming / setting the vision to achieve their goals. In this academic year 2018 – 2019, the SRI SNS Charitable Trust has decided to recognize the excellence in education and encourages the students of SNS by proposing the following five scholarships under “ARP DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME”.


SNS Scholarships


Bank Loan Sanctioned
for Needy Students


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