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MBA department Course Facilitators

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Our MBA department Course Facilitators at SNS Institutions are dedicated to teaching through experiential learning and case-based methods. We are embracing innovation in education for better outcomes!

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Celebrating Buddha Purnima

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Celebrating Buddha Purnima on campus with the esteemed presence of Prof. Dr. E. Balagurusamy, Academic Advisor to the Governor of Jharkhand and Former VC of Anna University, Chennai, along with Dr. S.N. Subramanian, Chairman of SNS Institutions, was a momentous occasion marked by reverence and reflection.






Teacher’s Award Ceremony 2024

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The School Teacher’s Award Ceremony 2024, hosted by the SNS Group of institutions on May 23rd, was a spectacular affair honoring the dedication and excellence of educators. 100 outstanding teachers across seven distinct categories, including the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award and the coveted Best Teacher of the Year accolade were given.
The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Prof. Dr. E. Balagurusamy, Academic Advisor to the Governor of Jharkhand and Former VC of Anna University, Chennai, who delivered an inspiring chief guest address and personally bestowed the awards upon the deserving winners. Dr. S.N. Subramanian, Chairman of SNS Institutions, adorned the occasion as the presiding authority.











Athletics Day! SNS Institutions, Coimbatore

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Today, we recognize the role of athletics in promoting health, inclusivity, and friendship across borders. Together, let's celebrate the joy of movement and the power of sport to transform lives. Together, we can make the world a healthier, happier place. Happy World Athletics Day!

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Tennis court | SNS Institutions

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Our tennis court is buzzing with excitement as our talented students sharpen their skills and smash their way to success. Check out these snapshots of dedication and determination in action!



SNS Founders scholarships

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SNS Founders scholarships were distributed for the beneficiary students. It is very happy to see that the students are really doing their best and proving themselves.

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Dear Students,
We are planning for a world record attempt to celebrate “20 yrs of Dhonism” in the name of MAZHILCHI.

We need 4800 students  to join together for the attempt with the same dress code(yellow T-shirt and a Cap). For the same we are circulating the link to get the registrations. The event is planned on 29.4.2024.Interested students shall register their names in the below link:



Talk Series | Talented actress, Samyuktha, at SNS B SPINE | SNS Institutions, Coimbatore

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We had the honor of hosting the talented actress, Samyuktha, at SNS B Spine for an electrifying Entrepreneurship Talk Series. In a captivating interview, she shared anecdotes, challenges, and triumphs from her entrepreneurial voyage, offering invaluable lessons on resilience, innovation, and perseverance.  A huge thank you to Samyuktha for her inspiring presence and words of wisdom!

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Actor Samyukta | MBA-B School

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Renowned actor Samyukta recently graced our MBA-B school with her invaluable insights on Entrepreneurship!

From navigating the highs and lows of startup life to unleashing the power of innovation, her session was nothing short of inspiring.






Ms. Abenaya, Director of SNS B SPINE | Illuminating conversation with Suriyan FM

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Our very own Ms. Abenaya, Director of SNS B Spine, recently had an illuminating conversation with Suriyan FM, where she delved into the unique features that set our MBA education apart from the rest.

From innovative teaching methodologies to industry-relevant curriculum, Dr. Abenaya highlighted how SNS B Spine stands out as a beacon of excellence in the realm of management education. Don't miss this opportunity to discover why SNS B Spine is the ultimate destination for aspiring business leaders


The Power of Creativity: Leveraging Artistic Skills in Business Innovation"

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Join us for a captivating talk series at our B-SPINE  program featuring the talented Actress, Ms. Samyuktha Vishwanathan on the topic, "The Power of Creativity: Leveraging Artistic Skills in Business Innovation".

Ms.Samyuktha Vishwanathan will share her insights on how artistic skills can fuel innovation in the business world. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship with a seasoned professional!

Date: 22.03.2024
Time: 4-5pm
Location: Bulls Board Room, B-Spine



Women's Day

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To all the incredible women out there, Happy Women's Day! Your strength, courage, and grace inspire us every day.

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Global Design Thinking Alliance (GDTA) Spotlight Forum on Design Thinking in Education

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Exciting News!

Our SNS Institutions had the incredible opportunity to shine on the global stage at the prestigious Global Design Thinking Alliance (GDTA) Spotlight Forum on Design Thinking in Education, spanning from K12 to Higher Education!

Our team delved into innovative strategies, transformative approaches, and the power of Design Thinking to reshape the educational landscape. From fostering creativity in K12 to pushing boundaries in Higher Ed, we're committed to shaping the future of education!

A heartfelt thanks to GDTA for this platform and to everyone who joined us on this enlightening journey. Let's continue to collaborate, innovate, and create meaningful impact in education!

#snsinstitutions  #designthinking  #snsdesignthinkers #DesignThinkingEducation #GDTASpotlightForum #InnovationInEducation #GlobalCollaboration #EducationTransformation

Youtube Link:

Watch our teams' presentation recording of the GDTA spotlight on YouTube.  

LinkedIn link:


I am just a calm beast

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Thrilled to share a momentous occasion at SNS College of Technology - the unveiling of our new Buddha statue, lovingly named "I am just a calm beast”.
Capture a moment with our new Buddha statue and share it with the hashtag #CalmBeastAtSNS. We'd love to see how this symbol of tranquility resonates with each of you.





Valentine’s Day

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We, SNS Institutions had celebrated this Valentine’s Day in the theme “Love from SNS Family for Parents”. The glimpses of celebration across different campus showering love among the parents were a sight to behold.











Happy Valentine's day

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On the occasion of this valentine's day, we SNS family are celebrating the parents love with the theme Love from SNS family for parents. We Invite everyone to take part in this event and share your love with parents and students.

Join hearts to witness love on this Valentine's Day with SNS family.

அன்பிலார் எல்லாம் தமக்குரியர் அன்புடையார்
என்பும் உரியர் பிறர்க்கு*

Let's take this opportunity to express and share Love for parents and celebrate as valentine's Day.

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Mission Movie - Poster

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We had a chance recently to host a movie pre release Mission Chapter 1 at our Technical campus. Here is the crowd enjoying the release event.

@arunvijayno1 @iamamyjackson @bjbala_kpy

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Republic Day Celebration 2024

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Republic Day Celebration 2024
Happy Republic Day!!!

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Happy Republic Day 2024

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Happy Republic Day! 🇮🇳 Today, let's celebrate the spirit of unity, diversity, and freedom that defines our great nation. May the tricolor always fly high, symbolizing the strength of our democracy. Wishing everyone a day filled with pride, joy, and a deep sense of patriotism. #RepublicDay.

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Admission pooja 2024

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The admission pooja for the year 2024 was held on 24.1.2024 at SNS Institutions campus, opening admissions for Engineering and paramedical science courses. Our Chairman sir Dr.S.N.Subbramanian, Sir had greeted the first admission candidate.

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Pongal Celebration 2024

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SNS Institutions had celebrated our culture and Pongal festival at all our campus with full enthusiasm.












Happy Pongal

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SNS Institutions Wishes You all a Happy Pongal.



National Youth Day

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“Happy National Youth Day! Embrace your passion, pursue your dreams, and let your spirit soar high. May you be the change you want to see in the world!”

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Government Initiatives

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We are delighted to share about an upcoming course facilitation session, to be conducted by Mr. Sathish Ramalingam, CEO of e-Auditor Office (recognized as the "Top 10 Virtual CFO in India - 2022").

The session will focus on the topic of "Government Initiatives" and aims to offer a thorough understanding of the pivotal policies and programs initiated by the government to foster economic growth and development.

Thank you.

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ICT Applications in ASCM

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We are excited to announce an upcoming course facilitation session led by Dr. D Santhanakrishnan, an esteemed Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Commerce at Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science. This session is exclusively designed for Agri. Business Management students, aiming to provide valuable insights into the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Supply Chain Management.

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Course Facilitation at B-SPINE

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Course Facilitation at B-SPINE!

For MBA B-SPINE students, a course facilitation session was conducted today by Mr. Venkatesh Ravikumar, Senior Manager of Business Development at Boatload Minds. The session was exclusively for Agri. Business Management students and focused on key areas such as Managing Retail Operations, Managing Retailers' Finances, Merchandise Buying and Handling, Merchandise Pricing, Logistics, Procurement of Food Products, and handling transportation of Food Products, etc.

Thank you!



Course Facilitation at SNS B-SPINE! We are delighted to announce our upcoming course facilitation...

Abenaya P
Course Facilitation at SNS B-SPINE!

We are delighted to announce our upcoming course facilitation on "Technical Analysis and Portfolio Management" by a distinguished academician, Dr. A. Senthil Kumar, Assistant Professor (SG)-Finance, Amrita School of Business, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore.

In this session, students will learn about Technical Analysis techniques, which help analyze and predict market trends. They will also explore effective Portfolio Management strategies, which involve making smart investment decisions to maximize returns and minimize risks.

Thank you.


Course Facilitation at SNS B-SPINE We are excited to announce an upcoming course facilitated by Dr...

Abenaya P

Course Facilitation at SNS B-SPINE

We are excited to announce an upcoming course facilitated by Dr. S. B. Senthil Kumar, a renowned expert and the Director of the Department of Logistics and Shipping at Coimbatore Marine College, Coimbatore.

During the session, Dr. Senthil Kumar will provide profound insights into the "Future of Intermodal Shipping." The course is tailored to MBA 2nd year students at SNS B-SPINE, delving into the following key Topics:

·         Latest Trends in Intermodal Shipping

·         Challenges Faced by the Industry

·         Innovations Shaping the Shipping Landscape

Thank you!


Evolution of Derivatives Market in India

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Course Facilitation at SNS B-SPINE

Immerse yourself in the complex landscape of the “ Evolution of Derivatives Market in India “ led by Dr.N.Prakash, Assistant Professor, The American College, Madurai. Tailored for discerning MBA second year students at SNS B-SPINE, this facilitation aims to deepen understanding of financial markets and strategic decision – making.



Organizational Behaviour – Needs and Frameworks

Srinivasan J

Course Facilitation at SNS B-SPINE

Embark on a journey of understanding “ Organizational Behaviour – Needs and Frameworks “ with Ms.B.Sushmitha Achar, DEI Specialist  at  ServiceNow, Bengaluru. This Course Facilitation is crafted to illuminate the essentials of organizational dynamics, enriching the academic experience for MBA first – year students at SNS B-SPINE.